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          Lemon squeezer
          Burger press
          Waffle maker
          Meat grinder
          Meat tenderize
          Crab clip
          Nut cracker
          Korea casserole
          Frying pan
          Baking tray

          Yongkang Jieming Kitchenware Co., Ltd, located in Yongkang, the capital of hardware, is a factory specialized in the production of kitchen tools integrating professional development, production and sale into a whole. The products of the company include Hamburg...

          The hand instead of cooking shovel Lego blocks combination k
          In cooking, a shovel is a necessary tool, but use the shovel sometimes is not easy, and some cooking action directly by hand will facilitate a lot of words, such as pieces of food in the pot over, if you take the gloves, then this type of cooking action was easy. Don't worry about its security, it i...more

          Yongkang jieMing kitchenware co., LTD
          Add:Zhejiang Yongkang stone town and end of the village
          Contact:Mr Wang



          Copyright @ Yongkang jieMing kitchenware co., LTD  Add:Zhejiang Yongkang stone town and end of the village  Tel/Fax:0086-579-87447208
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